New photos of Ralph

Ralph Sparrow’s grandson David has sent through some more wonderful photos from the family, these from Ralph’s daughter Susan’s collection.

She has also sent a set of documents from Ralph’s RCAF files, including his service record, discharge papers, etc. These contain a lot of valuable information about (and dates of) postings, leave, promotions, embarkation and more.

Also included are personnel counselling reports; interviews of the returning airman to find out how he wants to return to civilian life, and gauge his suitability. Ralph was only 20 when he returned from the war and still had a long career in front of him.

The files tell us that Ralph was a keen photographer and that he had bought himself a good camera and his own developing gear. This might explain why he had such nice photos from his time in England, and as you can see above (we think), on board the ship that brought him home to Canada.

In several of the photos, he is carrying a leather case with a long strap – was this his camera bag?

New pictures here.

and here (post-war).

Thanks to Susan, Ralph’s son Bob, and David for sharing these with us and helping us get to know Ralph a little better.

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